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In parts 1 and 2 we discussed the design of our robotic shooter for the 2021 FIRST high school robotics challenge and explained how we used a physics-based trajectory generator to determine what velocity and angle we must launch the ball at to score…

Image of our legged robot platform for experimentation, by author

This article is an overview of the motivation and work presented in the recent work “SiMPLeR: A Series-Elastic Manipulator with Passive Variable Stiffness for Legged Robots” which details the design of a variable stiffness actuator and its application to a legged robot platform. This paper will be presented at the…

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Long Shot Slow-Motion, Gif by Author

After creating a working algorithm to simulate our trajectories, we need to determine what parameter we should optimize the trajectory for. Because many different combinations of velocity and angle result in a “score” from a singular distance, we have many options. …

Team 649’s 2021 Robot, “Guppy”. Image by Author

The FIRST Robotics Challenge is an international robotics competition that over 500,000 high school students compete in yearly. Each year, a challenge is released and teams create robots to compete in randomly matched 3 v 3 games. …

The Falcon 9 launching at 4:10 PM EST on June 30th || Image credits to SpaceX

A couple of days ago, SpaceX launched a series of GPS satellites for the Space Force. If you want to know more details about the launch, or are looking to know enough to add to a conversation at the dinner table, you’ve come to the right place.

Space Force and GPS III

The Recent mission…

Sajiv Shah

Robotics enthusiast || Senior at Saratoga high school || Writer @ Towards Data Science

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