Part 3 of 3: Automated Launching, Effects of Compression, Unaccounted Energy Transfer, and a Discussion on Models for Robotics

Proof that the execution of a plan is everything

An Inspiration

An overview of a recent paper on a novel simplistic variable-stiffness actuator design for legged robots

Image of our legged robot platform for experimentation, by author


Elastic Joints

Part 2 of 3: Optimizing Trajectories and Comparing Actual Data

Long Shot Slow-Motion, Gif by Author

Trajectory Optimization

Part 1 of 3: Criteria, Shooter Dynamics and Kinematics, and the Simulation Algorithm

Team 649’s 2021 Robot, “Guppy”. Image by Author

The basic physics behind the Intermediate axis theorem.

The important facts about the June 30th launch, all in one article

The Falcon 9 launching at 4:10 PM EST on June 30th || Image credits to SpaceX

Space Force and GPS III

The Millionaire Day-Trader that now controls the stock market

What is going on?

A story about how I think I’m a better engineer than I really am.

Sajiv Shah

A robotics and economics enthusiast || Junior at Saratoga high school || Writer @ Towards Data Science

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